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What We Do!

Gillons develop and manufacture quality and cost-effective formulations that turns your concepts into ultimate consumer attractive personal care products.

How We Do It!

Our end-to-end contract/turnkey manufacturing services let the brands focus on sales and marketing in satisfaction while we focus on meeting your distribution needs.

How We Satisfy!

Every brand is big for Gillons!

We don’t prioritize the clients by their size and love helping new brands.

Claim To Fame!

Quality is policy but we go Beyond!

We take pride in ethics, confidentiality, and transparency

By maintaining product integrity and brand privacy in all circumstances 

Our Products

Hair Care

Skin Care

Bath Care

Men’s Care


Hair Care

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Our Services

Create A Concept

Among thousands of different brand around the market, consumers still keep looking for better, more effective, economical and promising products. Gillons can help you to come up with most attractive product concepts to make you the market leaders.

Formula Development & Testing

Gillons holds its pride to provide the most modern and highly effective formulations to meet your needs and fulfill consumer demands. Our R&D is fully equipped to develop brand new formulas of all claimed categories. Our team develops products to meet a specific idea or new concept, revolved around specific ingredients, match the characteristics and performance.

Every formulation is tested before going into full scale manufacturing.

Market Research & Analysis

Short but most effective and eye-catching copy writing is key to make you perfectly designed product profitable. This is done by extensive market research, data analysis, recognizing your competition and positioning the brand accordingly. Gillons is an expert to understand their customer’s needs and help them establish a strategic market recognition.

Contract/Turn Key Manufacturing

With years of experience in health and beauty industry, all lab formulas are scaled-up to production under R&D supervision. Our compounding and filling area is fully equipped to meet various types of mixing needs to improve blending speed and formulation stability.

Our versatile filling capabilities of liquid, creams, gels, and hot fills, range from using bottles, jars, tubes, to packets with fill volumes as small as 0.25 oz to 1 gallon.


Gillons is ISO 9001:2015 certifies facility. We stay up to date with changing global regulations. And support in documentation for new product registrations around the world.