Create A Concept

Among thousands of different brand around the market, consumers still keep looking for better, more effective, economical and promising products. Gillons can help you to come up with most attractive product concepts to make you the market leaders.

Market Research & Analysis

Short but most effective and eye-catching copy writing is key to make you perfectly designed product profitable. This is done by extensive market research, data analysis, recognizing your competition and positioning the brand accordingly. Gillons is an expert to understand their customer’s needs and help them establish a strategic market recognition.

Formula Development & Testing

Gillons holds its pride to provide the most modern and highly effective formulations to meet your needs and fulfill consumer demands.
Our R&D; id fully equipped to develop a variety of personal care cosmeceutical, OTC & non-OTC formulas, their analytical, micro and stability testing.

Packing & Label Designing

Packaging and label designing puts a key impact on drawing consumers attraction and marketing any new brand. We can assist you to select the perfect container of your choice and decorate the way you like.

Private Labeling

Gillons will fill any product you want in any size and type of packaging, ranging from jars & bottles to types and gallons.